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    Helping make downtown Durand more walkable, inviting
  The Square is a unique downtown business district that village of Durand officials don’t feel is as welcoming to residents and visitors as it could be. Click to read more and watch the video of the final design.

    Sanitary district moves sewer lines at I-57/I-74 interchange in Champaign
  The Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District teamed up with Fehr Graham to move service lines in advance of the I-57/I-74 interchange upgrades. 

West Branch gives the 'go' on athletic complex
In late spring, 19 acres on the west side of West Branch, Iowa, will begin its transformation from green space to a multi-use park designed by Fehr Graham engineers and landscape architects.

Emergency services improved in Villa Grove
The city of Villa Grove, Illinois, hired Fehr Graham to design and build an Emergency Services Center. The city tore down the old fire station to make way for a new water treatment plant designed by Fehr Graham.

Solving a water problem in Shannon, Illinois
In the last two years, the village of Shannon has been confronted with water system problems. It was discovered through routine state compliance sampling the village’s water contained elevated amounts of Radium 226/Radium 228 and Gross Alpha beyond Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) limits. Fehr Graham, which was already working with the village, stepped in to help investigate and address the IEPA compliance issues. Fehr Graham also helped Shannon apply and secure a $4.03 million IEPA loan.

Roscoe, Illinois, chooses innovative construction process
Zac Gill, village engineer for Roscoe, Illinois, introduced a road restoration process option for a segment of frontage road parallel to Illinois Route 251. More than 4,200 feet of roadway segment is rehabilitated through this process, which saves the village money by using less furnished materials.

School pool gets makeover
RESA Middle School in Rockford, Illinois, had many problems with its pool. It was leaking and the liner was pealing. Rockford Public Schools asked Fehr Graham for help.

Del Monte makes wastewater recycling a priority
Del Monte Cannery #108 in Cambria, Wisconsin, is redesigning and expanding its wastewater system. The plant, which processes canned vegetables, will use a new 205-acre spray pivot system to manage can cooling and process wastewater.

VIDEO: What happens when roads cross over major rail systems?
See how Fehr Graham facilitates communication between the city of Monroe, contractors and the Department of Transportation for a safe, seamless result.

Urbana restores historic brick arch
Ever wonder what’s beneath that small hole in the road? You might be surprised. Urbana’s Public Works Department collaborated with Fehr Graham to repair a damaged section of a failed storm sewer just north of downtown Urbana, Illinois.

Business intensifies on Route 20
Dubuque, Iowa, is no stranger to commercial growth. This quaint, growing city located along the Mississippi River is home to nearly 60,000 residents. Retail and tourism is a big driver of the local economy.



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