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Urbana restores historic brick arch

Ever wonder what’s beneath that small hole in the road? You might be surprised.

Urbana’s Public Works Department collaborated with Fehr Graham to repair a damaged section of a failed storm sewer just north of downtown Urbana, Illinois.

After inspection and full assessment of the sewer from Lead Structural Engineer Keith Brandau, Fehr Graham provided plans and specifications to preserve the original brick work, which dates to the early 1900s.

Above ground, pavement was removed, and a reinforcement spans the damaged area and replaces the brick section.

This project stems from a larger plan to manage Boneyard Creek’s water levels through the heavily populated downtown. The creek runs through Champaign and Urbana. As land is developed, space becomes more valuable, and the need for water management is a high priority.

Improving communities means preserving the “bones” of historic infrastructure. Fehr Graham’s goal is to meet expectations, which can mean saving a piece of history - just like what was done when the Urbana brick arch was repaired.

Published: Sept. 13, 2017

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