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Manchester Whitewater Park awarded the cover of Travel Iowa magazine

MANCHESTER, Iowa (Oct. 30, 2017) – The Manchester Whitewater Park, open 24 hours a day, provides a place for visitors to enjoy outdoor adventure year-round. Since its opening in May 2015, the park attracts recreational enthusiasts from Iowa and beyond. 

Fehr Graham focuses on improving communities, and projects like this are exactly why we do what we do. The partnership between the state of IowaDelaware County, the city of Manchester, Manchester Chamber Good to Great committee and other key parties set a precedent for how to sustain small, rural towns like Manchester. 

Not only does Manchester benefit from tourism growth through the park project, but residents can also see secondary benefits as shown through Phase I improvements along West Main Street. Fehr Graham has partnered with Martin Gardner Architecture and Confluence Engineering to add parking and restrooms along the riverfront. 

Last week, voters selected this project as the 2018 cover for Travel Iowa magazine. Here's what Manchester Branch Manager Ryan Wicks had to say: 

“We are proud to have been a key partner in this project, which makes Manchester, Iowa, a pretty fun place to live," says Ryan Wicks, branch manager and professional engineer. "It’s great that more people will know about Manchester White Water Park because of Travel Iowa's contest. Thank you to our friends at Riverwise Engineering, who designed the whitewater park." 

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