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Fehr Graham Advocates for the Environment

Fehr Graham is an engineering and environmental firm, and we look for opportunities to be sustainable whenever possible. Our environmental staff took the opportunity this year to write about how to create a more environmentally-friendly world as well as celebrating how far we've come since the inception of Earth Day. Our environmental staff in Plymouth, Wisconsin (Ken Ebbott), and Freeport, Illinois (Ken Beach) provide their insights. 

Ken Ebbott, Branch Manager for the Fehr Graham Plymouth, Illinois office wrote an article published in the Sheboygan Press -  Earth Day: Celebrate How Far We've Come

Watch any nature program or read any article about the environment, and the news is typically pretty depressing. Fewer animals, decreasing habitat, scorched earth; the story is frequently difficult to view. However, this Earth Day, I’d like to point out that over the past 50 years, there have been tremendous improvements in Wisconsin and this country.

Travel abroad and engage in conversations with others and you will truly understand how far our county has come in protecting and restoring our environment. Many of these countries have regulations in place, and on paper, their environmental policies appear stringent. However, when visiting, it would appear enforcement must clearly be lacking. Spend time in China’s industrial cities, and there are frequent days when air pollution is so bad it’s not safe to venture outdoors.

Ken Beach, Environmental, Health, and Safety Project Manager in Fehr Graham's Freeport, Illinois office, wrote an article published in both the Rockford Register Star and the Freeport Journal Standard - My View - Be an Environmental Steward - Plant a Tree

In 1970, San Francisco activist John McConnell, and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, asked Americans to join in a grassroots movement that is now known as Earth Day. For the past 46 years, millions of Americans have come together on April 22 to address the big issues and to prevent further destruction of our resources and environment.

All of us can do our part in becoming better environmental stewards. According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, “Environmental stewards strive to sustain natural resources and our environment for future generations.” It is our responsibility to make sure we are doing what we can, whether big or small, to be environmentally responsible.



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