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Fehr Graham Receives WisDOT Project Award for Darlington Retaining Wall
WISDOT Award - Darlington Wisconsin - Ken PlowmanA Fehr Graham team led by Ken Plowman, Senior Engineering Technician from the Monroe office received a Project Award from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the construction management of a soldier pile retaining wall along State Highway 81 in Darlington, Wisconsin. Jesse Duff, Project Engineer from the Monroe office and Joe Stricker, Senior Engineering Technician from the Freeport Office were also key members of the project team.

This unique project was completed in a tight urban setting, while keeping two lanes of traffic open at all times. With the limited amount of right-of-way and easements, as well as water services, sewer services, and other underground utilities, this project was completed in a very constrained work zone.


STH 81 in Darlington had an existing block retaining wall, with the sidewalk above and behind the wall, which had failed over the years causing safety issues. The City of Darlington was forced to close the sidewalk behind the deteriorated, existing wall to protect the safety of the pedestrians and property owners.


The solution to fix this wall was to remove and replace it and the adjacent sidewalk. With very limited ROW available and the close proximity of the wall to existing residential homes, a soldier pile wall was chosen as the best replacement alternative. The project included drilling foundation holes, placing H-Pile, pouring concrete footings, installing timber lagging, and then pouring the cast-in-place wall with the architectural surface treatment and concrete staining to look like weathered limestone. The sidewalk was relocated below the new retaining wall. Stairs to the numerous residential homes along the corridor were also added. To enhance the look of the project as well as provide safety, black decorative railing was added to the top of the wall. Other contract items included concrete masonry CIP walls, curb and gutter replacement, handrails, water and sewer lateral relocations and site restoration.

Darlington Project - Before


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