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Fehr Graham Celebrates National Public Works Week

In honor of National Public Works Week, some of our staff participated by writing opinion editorials to the local papers. Matt Johnson (Champaign), Fred Coombe (Springfield), and Noah Carmichael (Rochelle) wrote articles highlighting the vital public services we often take for granted, such as water, electricity, and other infrastructure. 

In their articles, they discuss how the demand on these public services has increased over the years and how public work employees and engineers use technology and infrastructure to meet these demands. They each mentioned the specific projects in their communities which contribute to the overall importance of infrastructure improvement in those areas and thank the public works employees for their contributions.

In addition to the three articles published, Fehr Graham utilized social media to broadcast support for public works. In a Twitter and LinkedIn campaign, using the American Public Works Association website, we broadcast the top ten public works projects in the last 100 years. Below are links to the three articles and examples of the social media campaign. 

Matt Johnson's article in the Champaign News-Gazette - Making A Better Community

Noah Carmichael's article in DeKalb Chonicle - Public Works Professionals are Always There When Needed

Fred Coombe's article in Springield Journal Register - Don't Take Infrastructure for Granted




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